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Pesticides is the most plant-active of the humic acid compounds. It is an excellent supplement to fertilizers to improve nutrient absorption. Pesticides can be applied as a foliar spray and to the soil. Fulvic acid acts as a chelating agent, it holds nutrients for the plant to absorb over time and should be used with regular fertilizers.

Vat Pesticides

Vat Pesticides
vat is a unique organic product containing different types of saccharides. It is very powerful preventor of incurable plant diseases, which cannot be controlled by other chemicals and also gives nutrition to the plant. All plants have defense system to fight the diseases and those plants with weak defense system are attacked by diseases. When vat is applied on plants the b-glucanane is bio-synthesified by diseased cells and this substances then proceeds to degrade the diseased cells and fragments of which amplify the effects. Some of these fragments are b-glucan, another saccharin which begin the production of phytoalexins leading to the lignin synthesis and the cell walls are strengthened. This is the stage when plants start recovering from disease. Vat controls different incurable viral diseases in the most natural way and thus improving the ultimate quality of crop. apart from disease control the glucose & fructose present in vat give nutrition to the plant and thus increases the productivity of crops. Experiments in india have shown that plants effected from quick wilt of black pepper, virus of cotton, tomato, chillies etc. Have recovered remarkably. time of 1st spray: vat should be sprayed 7~10days prior to onset of diseases. time of 2nd spray: at the time of initial stages of diseases occurrence dosage: 1 litre of vat should be diluted in 400-600 litres of water depending upon the intensity of disease.

Fish Oil Rosine SOAP

Fish Oil Rosine SOAP
We manufacture and export fish oil rosine SOAP or Liqure. Among several pests that attack grape, pink mealybug, is a very important and serious one. This pest occurs almost throughout the year, particularly in alarming intensity near harvest time of the crop.

Both nymphs and adults of the mealybug suck cell sap from the vegetative parts and barriers. Affected plant parts result in malformed leaves and shoot tips. During the sucking process, they excrete honey dew, which in turn, leads to the development of a sooty mould. Pest management Remove and destroy loose bark. After the removal of bark, swab the trunk and arms with Dichlorvos 30 ml + sticker 15 ml or 20ml of Dichlorvous + 20 gm of fish oil rosin soap by mixed in 10 litres of water. Collect and destroy new shoots, infected with mealy bugs. Rake the soil and mix with Carbaryl 10 per cent dust or Malathion 5 per cent dust at 20 gm per vine.

Locate ant colonies and destroy them by drenching with Chlorpyriphos 20EC at 2.5 ml/lt. or apply Malathion dust at 25Kg/acre.

Bio Meticide

Bio Meticide

Bio Meticide is an Organic Crop Protectant, very effective against Red spider mite (Tetranychud), Aphids, Leaf miner (Agromyza), Onion maggot (Carposina platuta), White fly (Aieyrodidae), psylla pyrisuga. Bio Meticide paralyse the nerve centre of insects, then solidify albumen resulting in breathing problems and ultimately killing the insects.

Material Source

  • Sophora flavescens Ait, Pterocarya Stenoptera, Platy cladus Orientalis (Linn), Melia azedarach linn.

  • Active Ingredients> 3% Matrine > 0.36%

Physical & Chemical Characters

  • Formula C,sH24 N2 0, C'5HZ4 Nz O2

  • Structure Formula: Molecular Weight: 248.36, 264.36

  • Color and State: Dark Brown Liquid; Odour : No Bad odour

  • Density: 1.02 kg / L; Ph : 5.5 ~ 6.5

Mechanism & Mode of Action
It acts as a contact and stomach poison which paralysis nerve center of insects, solidifies the albumen & stops up the air vent of insects body & finally makes the insect die of suffocation. It suppresses food absorption, reduces larval ability & hinders its growth to prevent insects from laying eggs. After application insects will stop eating & not damage the crop further. The insect dies after 24-28 hours.

Target Crops
All vegetables, commercial crops, fruit trees, Flowering plants, Tea plant, Lawns, Tobacco etc.

Target Pest

Red spider (Tetranychus), Rust Mite (Eriophyes deivore), Cabbage Worm (Pieres raoea), Cabbage Moth (Plutella Xylostella) Maggot (Hylemiya Platura), Leaf Minor (Ageomyze), Pear Sucker (Psylla Pyrisuga).


  • Dilute in 600-1000 times & spray thoroughly

  • Shake well before use

  • Apply early morning or evening hours to increase the effect

  • Apply at an interval of 15-20 days during pest infestation.

Bio Insecticide

BIO insecticide is a natural plant agent, which is meticulously extracted & refined from wild medicinal plants, found in mangolia such as cypress, polar & sophora flavescens ait & also many other herbs as supplementary materials, which are used for controlling the insects. The product is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) technology.

Source Material

  • Platycladus orientals (Linn) Stemona japonica Chenopodium ambrosiodes Linn

  • Sophora flavescens ail

  • Active Ingredients> 3%

  • oxymatrine>O.l %

  • Matrine>0.6%

Physical & Chemical Characters

  • Formula: C5 H24 N2 0, CISH24 N2 O2

  • Molecular Weight: 248.36, 264.36

  • Color and State: Dark Brown Liquid

  • Odour: No Bad odour

  • Density: 1.03kg / L

  • PH: 5.5 ~6.5

Mechanism & Mode of Action
Contact poison as a basic way & suffocating as a supplementary way. Paralysis nerve center of insect & disturbs the transmission of nerve. After application insect stops feeding & do not damage the crop any further. Apollo suppresses microsomal mono-oxygenase in the insects & thereby enhances toxicity of active ingredient to insects.

Target Crops
All Vegetables, Cotton, Soyabean, Tobacco, Flower & Fruit crops

Target Pests
Brown Plant Hopper (Nilaparvatha Ligens), Cabbage Moth, Cotton bollworm, Tobacco bud worm, Aphids, Tobacco cut worm, Mites, Thrips, etc.


  • Dilute 1000-1500 times & spray, during early morning or evening hours. Avoids sunshine

  • Make application during early infestation & repeat the spray 2-3 times at 15-20 days interval.


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