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Plant Growth Promoters

Food Supplement improves general health and biochemical characteristics of plants. Flowering agent & fruit drying agents acts as plant growth regulators. It determines a considerable increase in both fruit quality and production in quantity. Food Suppliment help and assist in the complete utilization of physiological reserves of the vegetating plant and to stimulate the normal metabolic process.


Nitrobenzene is combination of nitrogen and plant growth regulators, extracted from Sea weeds, A suitable solvent was selected as nitrobenzene. Required preservatives have been incorporated to prevent detritions. Best quality emulsifiers were used which is responsible for highest penetration of hormones in plant. This has provided a new look to formulation. Nitro benzene produce best results in combination of plant growth regulators, which have capacity to:
  • Increase flowering in plant. Prevent flower shedding. It enhance early flowering. Plants take less time to flower.
  • Yield contributing characters like plant height in crease is 8-10%.Number of branches per plant increase by 15-20%.Number of flowers per cluster increase by 33-35%.20-30% increase in number of fruits per plant were recorded.
  • Fruit weight increase is 20-25 %.Bigger fruits are produced. Total yield increase due to nitrobenzene application is 35-50%.
  • Quality characters like TSS (Total soluble solutes), in crease by 6-7% & acidity by 10-12%, Ascorbic acid 7-10% and total sugar % were 5-7.5% more was recorded
It was tried in following crops and yield increase was recorded such as: Cotton (45-50%); Chilies-(50-55%);Tomato(45-50%) ;Peas -(45-50%); Jasmine -(30-35%);Paddy -(25-30%); Pulses -(20-25%); Soybean –(30%).
Crop.Time of applicationNo. of Sprays
Paddy, Maize,30-35 DAP & 55-60 DAP2
Ground Nut, Gram, Soybean30,55, and 85 DAS3
Vegetables, Tomato, Chilies,30,55,80,&110 DAP4
Bhendi, Brinjal30,55 &80DAP3
Cotton40,55,80 &105 DAS3
Spices, Cardamom, Coriander15 DAF. & with 25 days interval4
Banana4 months after planting2 sprays every month

Dipping Oil

Dipping Oil
To convert fresh fruits into dry fruit is technology by it self. When perishable commodity is converted into non perishable form, it provides better opportunity for grower, as it can be stored for longer period and grower can wait for better opportunity. This technique is used in many fruits such as Grapes are converted into dry raisins. Figs are dried and sols. This is achieved by reduction of maximum moisture from fruit in minimum possible time. More than 80% moisture is present in fresh fruits is mainly responsible for bacterial and fungal growth on fruits. They decay the cell wall and rooting takes place and ultimately, fruits get spoiled.

Dipping oil of good quality should have following features:
  • Maximum heat absorption capacity
  • High rate of water evaporation
  • Protection from Bacterial & Fungal infection
  • Prevent oxidation & stop blackening of fruits
  • Retention of Chloropyl pigments, that is colour retention
Our dipping oil is produced after great study of 20 years. We are one of the biggest basic manufacturer of easters of oleic acid. We incorporate preservatives (M Parabin / P Parabin) in required quantity. Oil present in fruit is having tendency to oxidize, hence we are incorporating food grade Antioxidant in our formulation. To get proper mixing, food grade emulsifier in proper concentration is added to this formulation.

Dipsol Technology for drying red chilies is a new technology has been developed. Sun drying chilies is important phenomena. During ealy drying period of Dec-Feb, it takes more than 20-25 days for proper drying. Druing this long period chilies get spoiled due to fungal and bacterial infestation. This is time when market prices are higher. It is most important to reduce moisture in shortest possible time.


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